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Established in 1984 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, Transtech manufacture, sell and provide after sales service support for a wide range of waste management and municipal equipment, including bin lifters, commercial lifts, tail lifts, street sweeper
TFM was established originally in 1966 to specialise in truck customisation, maintenance and repair, and then entered the armoured vehicle production industry in the late 1970ís. Today, however TFM specialises in the importation, manufacturing , supply an
LiftLogger is a monitoring device attached to waste bin lift trucks. Compact, easily installed, rugged and reliable. It instantly logs and reports the time and place of bin dumps, plus a lot more. . .
Mechlift have been producing bin lifting machines well known for their economy, performance, durability and back-up support since 1991. As the largest manufacturer of bin lifters in Africa, we offer a wide range of models adapted for your needs. These in
Rental of Trucks, Sweepers and Heavy Equipment in Cape Town, South Africa
Checker Hire Waste Management Truck Rentals